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Support Regenerative Agriculture

The last few years have proved to be revelatory of the unsustainable functioning of current economies, and most notably of the world’s food system. As the pandemic shut down half of the globe, images of empty grocery stores, panic buying and endless queues at food banks demonstrated the imbalances of our global food system. Not only did the crisis expose the tightness of it, but it also yielded more and more reflection towards the environmental impact of agricultural practices. The food producing sector alone, through the overuse of chemicals, monoculture cropping systems, and intensive animal farming on land and at sea, is responsible for a quarter of all man-made greenhouse gas emissions. The rebuilding of economies offers a unique opportunity to transform the global food system and make it resilient to future shocks, ensuring environmentally sustainable and healthy nutrition for all.

What We Offer

We know the names and faces of the people who grow our produce and provide our proteins. We work with farmers, purveyors and watermen to source the very best ingredients from central Texas and the surrounding Hill Country. Our goal is to showcase the quality and diversity of the ingredients and the wonderful people who raise, grow and produce them.

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