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The Sovereign Farms is a "Private Membership Association". You must read, thoroughly understand, and agree to the PMA Membership Agreement before purchasing your membership. Purchasing of your membership is a requirement in order to purchase any and all farm and ranch goods from this Association. Once your membership purchase has been processed, you will receive a membership certificate to your email given at time of registration. Please make sure to create an account in addition to purchasing your membership.

Our Story

Our story begins in 2017 with the birth of a beautiful little girl, Evelyn. Born with an extreme case of Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, Evelyn was anaphylactic to everything she came into contact with. Even her mother’s milk caused an anaphylactic response in her little body. Her immune system was attacking her and it seems there was nothing we could do. As you can imagine, trying to figure out what to feed her that did not cause any harm or distress was a long and arduous journey. Five years, thousands of dollars and dozens of doctors’ visits later, we still did not have a solution for little Evelyn. Then one day, frustrated and heartbroken, we decided to take a new approach to treating her condition and we asked ourselves
a question. What if it isn’t the food Evelyn is allergic to, instead, what if it is the way our food is produced? It turns out that genetically modifying and spraying our food with all manner of pesticides and constantly inoculating our animals is not exactly the healthiest way to produce food. We set out to source the cleanest, low histamine foods we can and discovered the regenerative agriculture movement. Food as medicine has become a way of life for us and the desire to share it with the world has become a life pursuit of passion. This led us to start The Sovereign Farms Cooperative; a business partner and consultant dedicated to supporting small, regenerative and permaculture focused farms in Texas. We offer regionally focused and seasonally available provisions from the Texas Hill Country and surrounding communities. Our vision is to simultaneously showcase the beauty and bounty of central Texas’ regenerative farmers and ranchers while striving to be land stewards in communities we call home.

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